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HOW to write ISBM University mba project ?

Writing an MBA project for ISBM University (assuming you are referring to the International School of Business and Media) requires careful planning and execution. Here are some general steps to help you get started:

  1. Understand the project requirements: Begin by thoroughly reading and understanding the project guidelines provided by your university. Identify the specific objectives, formatting guidelines, and any other instructions or constraints.
  2. Choose a topic: Select a topic for your MBA project that aligns with your area of interest and the program’s requirements. It should be relevant, researchable, and allow for a comprehensive analysis within the given timeframe.
  3. Conduct background research: Before diving into the project, conduct extensive research to gather information on your chosen topic. Consult academic journals, books, reputable websites, and other reliable sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Develop a research proposal: Create a research proposal outlining the problem statement, objectives, research questions, and methodology you intend to use. This document will serve as a roadmap for your project and may need to be approved by your university before proceeding.
  5. Collect and analyze data: Depending on your research methodology, collect relevant data using appropriate techniques such as surveys, interviews, case studies, or secondary sources. Ensure that your data collection methods align with ethical standards and accurately address your research questions.
  6. Organize your project structure: Create a logical structure for your MBA project, including an introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. The specific structure may vary depending on your topic and guidelines, so refer to your university’s requirements.
  7. Write the project content: Begin writing each section of your project, ensuring a clear and concise presentation of your ideas. Use academic language, proper citations, and referencing formats specified by your university (e.g., APA, MLA). Support your arguments with evidence from your research and maintain a logical flow throughout the document.
  8. Revise and proofread: Review your project for clarity, coherence, and accuracy. Check for grammatical errors, typos, and formatting inconsistencies. Revise and edit your work multiple times to refine your arguments, strengthen your analysis, and improve the overall quality of your writing.
  9. Include visuals and appendices: If appropriate, include relevant graphs, charts, tables, or diagrams to enhance the presentation of your findings. Additionally, include any supporting documents or appendices that are necessary for the comprehension of your project.
  10. Finalize and submit: Once you have completed all the sections and made the necessary revisions, read through your entire project one last time. Ensure that it meets the prescribed word count, formatting guidelines, and addresses all the requirements. Finally, submit your project according to the submission guidelines provided by your university.

Remember to consult your university’s specific guidelines and seek clarification from your professors or project advisors if you have any doubts or questions along the way. Good luck with your MBA project!

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