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How to Write a IGNOU Dissertation?

Understand your dissertation (or thesis) topic

2. Structure your dissertation or thesis

A masters dissertation or thesis organised into chapters would typically look like this: 

Title pageThe opening page includes all relevant information about the project.
AbstractA brief project summary including background, methodology and findings.
ContentsA list of chapters and figures from your project.
Chapter 1 – BackgroundA description of the rationale behind your project.
Chapter 2 – Literature ReviewA summary and evaluation of the literature supporting your project.
Chapter 3 – MethodologyA description of the specific methodology used in your project.
Chapter 4-6 – Data analysis and FindingsAn overview of the key findings and data from your research.
Chapter 7 – Discussion and EvaluationA description of what the data means and what you can draw from the findings.
Chapter 8 – ConclusionMain summary of your overall project and key findings.
BibliographyA list of the references cited in your dissertation or thesis.
AppendicesAdditional materials used in your research.

 Write up your literature review

4. Write up your research

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