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How to make Periyar University Mba project?

To create an MBA project for Periyar University, you should follow a systematic approach. Here are the steps you can take to develop your project:

  1. Topic Selection: Select a topic that aligns with your area of interest and specialization in MBA. Consider choosing a relevant and contemporary topic that adds value to your field of study.
  2. Research Proposal: Prepare a research proposal outlining the objectives, scope, methodology, and expected outcomes of your project. This proposal will serve as a blueprint for your project and will require approval from your university or department.
  3. Literature Review: Conduct a comprehensive literature review to understand the existing knowledge and research on your chosen topic. Analyze and critically evaluate the relevant theories, models, and studies conducted by other researchers.
  4. Research Methodology: Determine the research methodology that best suits your project objectives. Depending on your topic, you may opt for quantitative methods (surveys, data analysis) or qualitative methods (interviews, case studies). Justify your chosen methodology in your project.
  5. Data Collection: Collect the necessary data required for your project. This may involve conducting surveys, interviews, gathering secondary data, or analyzing existing datasets. Ensure that your data collection methods are ethical and reliable.
  6. Data Analysis: Analyze the collected data using appropriate statistical or qualitative analysis techniques. Use software tools like SPSS, Excel, or NVivo to assist in data analysis. Interpret the findings objectively and relate them to your research objectives.
  7. Results and Discussion: Present your research findings in a clear and organized manner. Use tables, graphs, and charts to support your analysis. Discuss the results and relate them to the existing literature. Analyze the implications of your findings and their significance in your field of study.
  8. Conclusion and Recommendations: Summarize the main findings of your research and draw conclusions based on your analysis. Provide recommendations for further research or practical implications based on your project outcomes.
  9. Report Writing: Write a well-structured project report following the guidelines provided by Periyar University. Include an introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and references section. Ensure proper formatting, citation, and referencing according to the prescribed style guide.
  10. Presentation: Prepare a presentation to effectively communicate your project findings. Use visual aids like slides and charts to illustrate key points. Practice your presentation to ensure clarity and coherence.

Remember to adhere to the guidelines and requirements provided by Periyar University and consult with your project guide or supervisor throughout the process.

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